On the below image, the svg is not staying lined up properly. Until we figure out what to do, we will just edit the svg. Export it as a png. And use the png for the graphic :-( ajp 8/2020

We tried the graphics individually and didn't work either. Someone can fix it sometime or we probably will replace this anyway.

Customer-driven software creation#

Software that does what YOU want. No data mining, no spying.

Secure small business networks#

Simple, affordable, well-mapped, secure

Why "Stare of Owls"?#

We are a group of techies that wanted to offer great service and make a positive impact with our work. Specifically, the ancient notion of wisdom, which encompasses both working with skill and doing the right thing even when it seems less profitable, was what we wanted to practice. So we picked owls for their association with wisdom, and a stare to reflect our camaraderie.

Why choose us?#

We are a world-class team you can trust#

Our team comprises talented individuals coming from industry and academics.

At the heart of the the team are two brothers, Mike and Tony. Mike was making cutting-edge medical devices and needed technical service that he could trust. He asked Tony, who has been doing IT education for decades and has founded international institutions, for tech support. Tony pulled together a team of programmers, networkers, and documenters whom he trusted, and a business was born.

Awesome service#

We are small but mighty. Our straightforward structure allows us to help you, human to human.

We love the work#

Seriously. We do. Put us to the test and let us create your unique solution!

What We Do#

Custom built software

We develop custom information system sites using Django.

Secure Network

We design and support secure networks for schools and small businesses

Worldwide Support

No matter where you are in the world, we can help you with your needs.